Trail Guidelines

Multi-purpose trails of 5.5 miles opened in 2009. The trails wind thorough open sunny meadows and woods. Giles Run tumbles through the park and adds to the scenic views. Riders should stay on the narrow single-track trails because the edges are not reinforced.

The Cross County Trail (CCT) - Laurel Hill Greenway passes through Laurel Hill for approx 4 miles. At present, some of the CCT through this section is paved. Plans call for a dual surface trail. Riders should use caution due as limited sightlines may result in unanticipated horse/bike encounters.

Additionally, the trail goes near portions of the disc golf course. Riders should also be aware that there are two wooden bridges along the trail and they are slippery when wet. You may want to dismount and walk your horse across them. The largest bridge is on the CCT, and is in between the parking area and the future equestrian facility grounds. The other bridge is in the woods.

The Park has designated a safe crossing for Lorton Road. Riders must use caution at the informal crossing. Coming from the Giles Run Meadow Parking area or the Barnett House, pass through the Barrel Bridge and turn left into the gas line (following the tree line on the left, because that’s the highest ground). The Lorton Road crossing is at the Jersey barriers located in the area of the dairy barn. Your return trip crossing Lorton Road at the CCT works fine as there is increased visibility in that direction.

Be sure to watch for bikes and be aware that you are sharing the trails with folks who may not be horse-savvy.

How You Can Help

The Laurel Hill Equestrian Center is a unique public/private funding venture between Fairfax County Parks and local horse groups.

You can help make the Center a reality with a donation. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made through the Clifton Horse Society and Fairfax4Horses. Both are 501c3 charitable organizations.

For more information or to make a donation, visit our "How You Can Help" Page, or the following sites: